About us



Casa das Portas started as an adventure many years ago when artist Jane Gibbin fell in love with Tavira, its architecture, people and heritage. She started photographing its buildings and their architectural details, some in various states of decay, as a record for the city. In 2005 she used her archive to put together a poster of its  beautiful doors; this aroused a lot of interest in the Tavira Book Fair that year both from tourists and residents who appreciated their city and its history being portrayed in this way.

The old cobbler's shop in the historic centre was available at this time and Jane converted it to a gallery to display her work adding a small selection of ethically sourced and hand made gifts. Jane's particular taste and talent for finding special pieces made in Portugal and other parts of the world ensured that the business grew and attracted visitors looking for something different with a story attached to it.

In 2011 Jane was invited to open a second store in the old tailor's shop on the iconic Roman Bridge which she now uses to focus on Portuguese items.

The online shop has been developed partly in response to demand from customers who wish to purchase items they have  seen while visiting Tavira. It is meant to compliment the experience of the real stores but we can only show you a small but appropriate selection of our products. We think they are emblematic of the experience of the two stores and we hope, that if you haven't visited them already, it will encourage you to do so.


The Casa das Portas Team.