Terms and Conditions

Portas de Tavira Lda is a Portuguese company and therefore has to comply with the law in Portugal. This is a translation of Portuguese terms and conditions.




To conform with the law Decreto-Lei nº1 24/2014 of 14th February, this document establishes the conditions attached to the use of the CASADASPORTAS website, as well as to the purchase of goods placed there as available to the users of the site.


Importanty, we request that the conditions and the privacy policy are read carefully before the site is used since, in using the site or in placing an order, the client is agreeing to comply with these conditions.

So, if you do not agree with all of these conditions and with the privacy policy, you should not use the CASADASPORTAS site.

These conditions could be altered in the future. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to read the terms and conditions before placing an order, as it is the conditions in force at that time that will be appplied to the website and to the conclusion of the contract (as difined later).


These conditions are agreed between Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal Lda., with its base at Rua Dr. Augusto Silva Carvalo,n.º3, 8800-324 Tavira, Portugal, NIF 510093655, and any user who wishes to make a purchase through www.casadasportas.com




1. The user should place the order on-line at the website www.casadasportas.com.

2. To place the order, the user should complete all the mandatory fields and provide personal details.

3. In placing order, the user is showing full and complete acceptance on the general conditions of sale, and of the prices and discriptions of the products intended to be purchase.

4. All orders are subject to acceptance by CASA DAS PORTAS. The user will be informed of this by electronic mail.




1. All ordes are subject to goods being available.

2. If goods are out of stock or are unavailable, would-be purchasers will be informed by CASA DAS PORTAS

3. In the case of above, CASA DAS PORTAS will reimburse the purchaser in accordance with the conditions laid down in article 19 of the law referred to above.

4. CASA DAS PORTAS reserves the right to withdraw any product at any time, and to remove or modify any material or content from its webpage.

5. CASA DAS PORTAS accepts no responsibility for the user or to a third party if it withdraws any product which is unavailable, within the terms of 1-3 in this clause.




CASADASPORTAS accepts no responsibility if it refuses to complete an order owing to exceptional circumstances even after the order has been confirmed. Its obligation is only to confirm to the customer the inability of completing the order and to refund any payments already made.




1. Without prejudice to clause 2, relative to the availability of products, the order will be despatched within ten days of the confirmation of payment.

2. The fulfilment of the order within the time referred to in (1) above can be altered by CASA DAS PORTAS, namely when circumstances occur that are exceptional, cannot be foreseen and depend  on the region to which the order is to be sent.

3. CASA DAS PORTAS will dispatched an order only after the full payment for the order has been completed, including the cost of sending the order.




1. Orders made via the website may be collected from the shops in Tavira  once paid for, without delivery charge.

2. The website customer will pay the costs of delivery to her/his home/chosen address depending on the cost of the goods purchased and the following destinations for the despatch:

a) Continental Portugal; the archipelago of Madeira; the archipelago of the Azores: uot to 2 kilogrammes 5.50€

b) rest of Europe: up to 2 kilogrammes: 17.50€

3. We can deliver to other destinations but will have to quote a price for delivery. Customers should contact us direct via the website for this.





1. Delivery will be made between Monday and Friday to the address indicated by the customer.

2. In the case of it being impossible to deliver to the address provided by the customer an alternative address must be provided to CASA DAS PORTAS at the time of ordering.

3. IF, after two attempts, it is impossible to make the delivery, the order will be cancelled without any right by the customer for repayment of the cost of purchase and despatch.




1. To conform with the rules and regulations in force, the prices set down on the CASA DAS PORTAS website will be expressed in Euros and will include all relevant taxes.

2.The price shown will include VATA (IVA) at the rate that is applicable at the time of the invoice.

3. The rate of VAT is that applicable in Portugal

4. The prices and specification shown are subject to alteration without prior notice.

5. CASA DAS PORTAS accepts no responsibility for any errors published on the CASA DAS PORTAS website.

6. In fulfilling the order, any error in price that might appear on the website owing to technical anomalies will be detected.

7. In the event of the real price being higher than that shown in the website, the customer will be contacted to allow the decision to accept or cancel the order to be made.

8. In the event of the real price being lower than that shown on the website, the difference between the real price and the price paid will be returned to the customer.

9. The customer can make payment by either of the following methods:

a: Bank transfer to:

Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal Lda

Bank: Novo Banco, S.A.

NIB: 0007 0000 000727237 14 23

IBAN: PT 50 0007 0000 000727237 14 23

b) Credit card via Paypal




Risks of products will be the responsibilty of the customer from the moment of delivery




1. In accordance with articles 10 and 17 of the Decreto Lei n.º 24/2014 of 14th February, the customer can withdraw from the contract, without providing any reason, within 14 days of the delivery of the order, with reimbursement to the customer of amount paid.

2. The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract in any way that is permissible in law, using any means to inform the supplier about the withdrawal that are considered a valid method of exercising this right.

4. This arrangement does not affect in any way other consumer rights in force under the law.

5. The cost of returning the purchase is wholly the responsibility of the customer and the amount must be paid in advance by the customer.

6. The right of withdrawal from the contract as stated in part 1 of this clause applies only when goods are returned unused and in in the same condition as that in which the customer received them, , in the original packaging and all the documentation.

7. After the return of the goods, they will be examined (and photographed) by Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal Lda to verify their condition.

8. No reimbursement will be made if the goods have been used, except for the process of opening the delivery packaging if they have been damaged in any way.

9. The goods must be returned in the shortest time possible.

10.The responsability for any damage suffered by goods being returned as well as any loss during their return, is that of the customer.




1. In the case where goods delivered are considered not to be in accordance with the description in the contract, the customer should contact CASA DAS PORTAS immediately.

2. The cost involved in returning goods that do not conform to the contract will be met by CASA DAS PORTAS

3. Goods returned in this way and on this basis will be examined by CASA DAS PORTAS and, if they do not conform to the contract, the customer will be contacted by electronic mail and a substitute will be despatched as soon as possible.

4. This substition will depend on the availability of the product.

5. If substitution is not possible, reimbursment will be made to the customer for the full cost of products returned because they do not conform to the order, including the delivery costs.

6. If no evidence is found of the products not conforming to thecontract and therefore CASA DAS PORTAS is not at fault, the cost of  returning the goods (referred to above, part 2) will not be reimbursed to the customer.

7. All rights recognised as legally in force will be safeguarded.




Produsts acquired through the www.casadasportas.com website cannot be exchanged.




1. At every stage of access to the CASADASPORTAS website, as well to the process of ordering, delivery and later services, CASA DAS PORTAS is bound only by "obligation of means".

2. CASA DAS PORTAS is not in any responsible for inconvenience, loss or injury arising from use of the internet, from brakedown in services, from external intrusion or from the presence of informational viruses or from any form of Force Majeure.

3. The goods sold on the www.casadasportas.com website are presented and described with the greatest possible accuracy, but it must be borne in mind that with some products of an artisanal nature there might be small differences between the images and the products themselves, caused by the base material being used and the production processes.

4.If despite every precaution, errors occur on the CASA DAS PORTAS website, Portas de Tavira, Lda cannot accept responsibility for them.

5. The content of this clause will in no way affect the legal rights of a client withdrawing from a contract.




1. To conform with the Portuguese law in relation to personal data, information or personal details provided by the customer will be treated in a manner that conforms to the privacy policy.

2. In using the CASA DAS PORTAS website, the customer consents to the treatment of information and data referred to in part 1 of this clause, and states that any information and data provided are true and conform to the reality.

3. Personal data is for use by Casa da Portas, Artesanato Unipessoal Lda, for the purpose of information, publicity and despatch of orders.

4. The owner of the data is guaranteed the right of access to and rectification, alteration or elimination of personal data, by sending their full name, address and email address to shop@casadasportas.com

5. Despite Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal, Lda collecting and dealing with data in a secure manner, taking steps to ensure it is not lost or manipulated by using the most appropriate techniques for this purpose, we must make it clear that the collection of data in an open network allows the circulation of personal data in  insecure conditions, with the risk of these being seen and used by unauthorised parties.





Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal Lda, accepts no responsability for any damage or loss resulting from an attack on its service through a virus or any other prejudicial or damaging electronic programme or material, wich might affect the computer, electronic equipment, data or material of the customer as a consequence of using the CASADASPORTAS website, or for the discharge of the content of the website or links customer might use.




1. All the elements of the www.casadasportas.com website, whether visual or sounds elements, including the underlying technology, are protected by rights of the author, of the brand or of patents.

2. A user who has a personal site on the internet and who wishes to place, for personal use, a simple, direct link to the www.casdasportas.com website, must obtain authorisation from Portas de Tavira, Artesanato Unipessoal,Lda.

3. The authorisation referred to in the previous part is only valid if applied for in writing.

4. Any link or hypertext directed to www.casadasportas.com website with a view to using framing or online linking is formally forbidden.

5. In every case, the use of any link, including those referred to in 2-4 above, even if tacitly authorised, must be taken down after a simple request from Portas de Tavira, Artesanto Unipessoal, Lda.




1. The present general conditions of sale constitute the entire agreement between the parties referred to.

2. If one the clauses of the present conditions becomes null and void because of changes in legislation, normative or sentencial, that clause should be considered not written.




1. The current conditions can be altered at any time.

2. The customer is subject to the conditions in force at the time when the customer encounters the www.casadasportas.com website or formalises an order, expect when, by law or decision of government organisations, retroative changes are made to the policies, conditions or the privacy declaration.

3. In the case indicated in part 2 above, the changes could affect an order already formalised by the customer because of the altered conditions.




1. The present conditions apply throughouth the duration of services offered by CASA DAS PORTAS.

2. All the articles exclusive to the site are valid while stock is available.




1. Portuguese law applies to all these conditions of sale.

2.  If no agreement can be reached by involved parties, any litigation arising from the current general conditions of sale will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Tribunal.

3. In any dispute, the terms and conditions published in Portuguese will be those that finally apply.